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Constitution, By-Laws, & Resolutions
Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate improvements or changes to the Constitution and By-Laws. Reviews and develops resolutions so as to be consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the North Dakota Emergency Management Association. Resolutions are to be developed from issues and concerns submitted to the Committee by the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, any proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and any proposed resolutions will be brought before the membership at the next scheduled meeting of the association.

Jerry Bergquist – Chairperson

Kari Goelz (required in By-Laws)

Ben Gates (required in By-Laws)

Mary Senger

Lori Beck

Bill Fahlsing

Jenn Wiechmann

Brent Nelson


Publicity, Awards, & Citations
Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate recognition to individuals, agencies and organizations for outstanding or significant contributions in the area of Emergency Management based on the criteria established by the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the board, makes known the promotion of achievements, accomplishments, purposes and goals of the Association to the public, the media, and other organizations.



Karen Kempert - Chairperson

Denise Brew (required in By-Laws)

Kristy Titus (required in By-Laws)

Julie Eisenbraun

Kristle Kjemhus

Pierre Freeman

Amy Anton


Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate educational and legislative needs, issues, and activities for the Association to be involved in. Recommendations must be within the realm of Emergency Management and consistent with the goals and philosophy of the Association.

Kari Goelz – Chairperson

Lori Beck (required in By-Laws)
Pierre Freeman (required in By-Laws)
Mary Senger

Bill Fahlsing

Jody Gunlock

James Herrmann

Mike Smith

Karen Kempert

Ben Gates

Sean Johnson

Johnny Hoskins


Membership, Nominations, & Credentials
Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate measures to assure that the Association functions and flourishes as intended under the Association Constitution and By-Laws. Makes recommendations on how to maintain a strong and active membership. Selects capable, qualified candidates for nominations as Association officers, and maintains the credentials activity of the Association and its membership.

Mike Smith – Chairperson

Julie Eisenbraun (required in By-Laws)

Cody Mattson (required in By-Laws)

Karen Kempert

Kimberly Franklin

Kari Goelz

Ben Gates

Jessica Jensen

Kimberly Robbins

Amanda Johnson

Lori Beck

Geneva Anderson



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